PPG Launches Waterborne Best Practices Training Video 

Ensuring the best refinish results

With its strong commitment to training, PPG is making sure paint refinish technicians have all the information and resources they need to produce premium quality finishes. To that end, PPG recently introduced a video demonstrating best practices for optimizing the results when using AQUABASE®Plus and ENVIROBASE®High Performance waterborne refinish products.

The short video presents the waterborne refinish process as a clear, uncomplicated procedure and covers the three main best practices concerning PPG’s waterborne paint: equipment care, product use and correct application.

The equipment care segment highlights the proper use and maintenance of a compressor, drier and spray gun. It also provides reminders about spray booth conditions and the need to keep equipment clean and operable. These tips are intended to ensure that equipment is suitable and ready for use.

The video’s product use portion offers brief instructions regarding the proper basecoat mix and the correct blending of an adjuster and modifier with the basecoat.

The correct application section of the video shows the proper cleaning of the surface to be painted, the application of clearcoat and the addition of the appropriate G shade for a good color match. The video points out each step in the application phase, leading the viewer to the ready-to-spray stage.

Whether you’re a relatively new technician or experienced veteran, it’s important to be familiar with and follow PPG best practices to achieve the high-quality results expected of PPG’s waterborne paint. Take a few minutes now and watch the video:

PPG provides training for more than 15,000 technicians each year — the largestsuch program in the industry —covering collision refinish, commercial coatings and custom painting as well as certificationin PPG’s numerous popular brands. This online video is one of the many tools we offer to paint technicians to use at their convenience.

For more information about PPG training, classes and schedules, visit ca.ppgrefinish.comor call (800) 647-6050.

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