New Lexus Structural Blue training video gives clear, simple instructions

As OEMs introduce exotic and complex paint schemes including tricolors, translucents, quadcolors and more, PPG is introducing its own refinish products and training support to ensure that paint technicians have the resources and ability to match cutting-edge factory finishes.

One example is the recent introduction of a four-minute instructional video designed to assist paint technicians with refinishing Lexus automobiles sporting the OEM’s Structural Blue finish, a complex premium color available on a limited number of Lexus LC500 models. The video has been produced specifically to dispel the notion that complex colors require a complex refinish process.

For Structural Blue and many other intricate finishes, PPG provides its painters with OEM factory packs as repair solutions. The factory packs correspond to the OEM specs and quality levels. The Lexus Structural Blue factory pack, coded 8Y0 Lexus LC500, is available for ENVIROBASE®High Performance and AQUABASE®Plus waterborne systems and yields an OEM-like finish. The Structural Blue training video takes the viewer through the steps involved in the refinish process.

“In many instances, paint technicians assume that a finish like Structural Blue is difficult to work with, but that’s not the case,” said Randy Cremeans, PPG director of training. “Because Structural Blue is a very sophisticated finish, it may look like it requires a four- or five-stage progression, but in truth, it’s a simple two-stage process that a painter can easily master. The video clearly shows how uncomplicated and straightforward the task is. This video, our training classes and other instructional materials are geared to keeping paint technicians up to date on industry advances. Structural Blue is just one example of that.”

Structural Blue is unique. It was developed by Lexus and Viavi Solutions Inc. and based on the coloration of the vibrant morpho butterfly, a species found in Central and South America. The butterfly appears blue in color but does not actually have blue scales in its wing surfaces. The blue color — which varies depending on the ambient light — is achieved through light interference. Similarly, the Lexus Structural Blue uses no blue materials or pigments. The blue hues are a light effect created by an exclusive liquid coating texture. Depending on the type of light — sunlight or artificial light — and the viewing angle, the Lexus LC500 Structural Blue can appear as an iridescent blue, royal blue, violet or other blue tone. Only 300 Lexus models feature this unique coloration.

PPG is committed to offering its customers and technicians comprehensive training opportunities. The company’s training program is the largest in the industry. Beyond Structural Blue, PPG offers a number of classes that address specialty finishes. As OEMs introduce more new, attractive and complex finishes, PPG is there to provide technicians with the training to make them experts.

For more information about PPG training opportunities, classes and schedules, visit ca.ppgrefinish.comor call (800) 647-6050. Come back to this space regularly to learn more about PPG.

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