High Flying Recovery

by Remorquage SOS Saguenay—

Remorquage SOS tows airbuses, tugboats, and other utility support vehicles. These aircrafts are used to train military pilots.

Remorquage SOS tows airbuses, tugboats, and other utility support vehicles. These aircrafts are used to train military pilots.

Who hasn’t looked up at the intriguing sound of a roaring plane or whirring helicopter overhead?

Whether it’s a commercial flight, medical evacuation, search & rescue, air force or air show action, a private flight, or even air surveillance, aviation is an ever-growing, worldwide phenomenon.

Aviation is a domain where safety is always the first priority. Yet despite every measure and precaution, no flight is immune from an in-flight incident or accident.

Often, these are minor events with little consequence, but occasionally there are more severe incidents which must be taken very seriously.

When a pilot declares an emergency during a flight, the plane must land as soon as possible. From the pilot’s initial mayday call, a very elaborate intervention protocol is initiated, calling upon action from various participants.

During major events, Remorquage SOS Saguenay plays a role in several intervention plans in collaboration with other emergency players. In particular, they work with diverse air authorities in the region affected – including civil, military or governmental agencies.

Starting with an emergency call, the Remorquage SOS Saguenay team quickly deploys specialized equipment, which is ready to go at the precise moment needed and without delay.

With more than 75 units, Remorquage SOS Saguenay’s diversified towing fleet includes specialized transportation as well as a lifting service. They count on more than65 qualified employees who have received special training in emergency recovery using various types of equipment.

Defensive driving, hazardous materials transport, recovery techniques, calculations for oversized lifting, stowage, health and safety, and risk analysis programs are all on the agenda. Some team members receive even more intensive training regarding aeronautics, components, structure and fuel types — key elements that are all very useful. These training programs and updates are regularly provided by the company’s own experienced trainers.

Remorquage SOS Saguenay is already very present in the aviation field and the company is also recognized for transporting aircrafts of all kinds, with their respective support equipment and materials.

They are also involved in large-scale events such as air shows, particularly with organizing any transportation that participants need in order to attend the event.

Recently, Remorquage SOS Saguenay was contracted by an overseas firm to dismantle, pack, and transport a multi-engine drone to a maritime terminal so that it could be shipped back to its Israeli owner. The first mandate was to dismantle the drone and to carefully pack all components (plus all support materials) inside a specialized ocean-going cargo container. Some extra equipment had to be purchased, and certain additional procedures had to be put in place to protect the highly sophisticated device. These included implementing anti-static equipment and grounding devices, and providing rubber mats and boxes to minimize and absorb any bumps or impacts during the sea voyage.

This job was done efficiently by using a range of equipment: a truck crane, maritime containers, specialized trailer trucks provided with special licences, and road escort vehicles. Transport preparation was spread out over several weeks, notably because of the time difference between Quebec and Israel. It took about 50 working hours to prepare all the necessary equipment to ship the drone to the maritime terminal where it was then loaded onto a container ship.

Remorquage SOS Saguenay is capable of intervening in any situation and can quickly and effectively answer the needs of their customers.

In 2014, Remorquage SOS Saguenay built a new 13,000 sq. ft. facility that meets the very latest environmental standards. Furthermore, they converted their former building into a heated and secure warehouse of approximately 4,000 square feet. Remorquage SOS Saguenay also set up a new computerized distribution system, which means calls can be answered even more effectively, coming in from all corners of the province.

Remorquage SOS Saguenay has been making every effort to fully satisfy their clientele for more than 15 years. It is no surprise that, today, the company is a leader of specialized towing and transport across all of Quebec.

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This article originally appeared in the January/February 2016 issue of Tow Canada.

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