PPG Training: The PPG 46G Mazda Machine Gray Repair Process

It’s common knowledge in the automotive refinish industry that PPG has an unmatched commitment to training.

PPG annually provides training for approximately 15,000 individuals — more than any other paint company — ensuring that painters and other collision industry professionals stay current with their certifications and knowledge of PPG products, processes and technological advances. With that objective in mind, PPG regularly makes available comprehensive training in collision refinish, commercial coatings and custom painting. The training offers practical working knowledge of PPG’s many brands as well as addressing special finishes — such as Mazda’s complex 46G Machine Gray — that today’s technicians regularly encounter.

Mazda paint code 46G Machine Gray is a sophisticated and highly admired finish. It’s a remarkable special-effect gray metallic color that gives paint a “sculpted from solid steel” appearance. The OEM process utilizes an exotic tri-coat system made up of a black color coat followed by a high brightness leafing aluminum layer that is then topped with a clearcoat. The result is impressive.

Given this unique clearcoat finish and its relatively thin film build, the procedure for performing quality repairs of 46G Machine Gray differs from PPG's normal waterborne basecoat system process, especially in how the surface is prepped and the basecoat is applied. Collision centers refinishing vehicles with 46G Machine Gray must understand and execute the entire process properly to ensure customer satisfaction. Fortunately, PPG has the processes in place that effectively replicate the OEM finish as closely as possible with products similar to those at the factory. Using the ENVIROBASE® High Performance and AQUABASE® Plus waterborne systems, PPG’s processes work exceptionally well for minor and full-panel 46G Machine Gray refinish repairs. The methods are clearly presented in technical bulletins:

Technical Bulletin (TCB103) for Mazda 46G Machine Gray - Waterborne Minor Repairs

Technical Bulletin (TCB103) for Mazda 46G Machine Gray - Waterborne Full Panel Repairs

In addition, PPG has prepared two videos that clearly illustrate the 46G Machine Gray refinish process with step-by-step demonstrations:


The processes outlined in these documents and videos must be followed to meet appearance, performance and VOC regulatory requirements.

Readers are invited to review the bulletins and watch the videos (in English with French subtitles). It’s the first step in mastering the 46G Machine Gray refinish process. To learn even more, contact your PPG representative for full documentation on the approved products, systems and processes. For additional information about collision refinish and commercial coating training, schedules, locations and course descriptions visit ca.ppgrefinish.com or call (800) 647-6050.

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