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Specialty Finishes: a PPG Training Specialty

Learning about tri-coats, translucent colours and more

Everyone involved in the automotive refinishing industry knows that change is a constant. As technology advances, new products, processes and tools are developed, established products are improved and outdated products are replaced by more productive ones. There’s so much to keep up with. That’s why PPG is committed to a comprehensive training program that ensures its customers’ technicians are up to date on industry developments.

One industry sector undergoing dramatic change is specialty finishes. As OEMs introduce new complex finishes — tri-coats, mattes, translucent colours and more, collision centres are increasingly challenged to reproduce those finishes. PPG has addressed this concern and provides the training that technicians need to become experts in this area.

Through its Collision Refinish Product Training Series, PPG offers a class appropriately titled “Tri-coat and Specialty Finishes.” The class has been specially developed for collision centre technicians and distributor technical representatives who work with these types of finishes. The training focuses on the PPG AQUABASE® Plus and ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne refinish systems and processes used for specialty finishes.

The Tri-coat and Specialty Finishes class is taught by PPG’s expert instructors and covers a range of topics:

  • Tri-coats, including tinted clears
  • Specialty finishes colour retrieval
  • Translucent colours
  • Low-gloss (matte) finishes
  • Liquid metal
  • Blending techniques
  • General paint shop safety and environmental awareness

Participants learn about

  • The PPG colour tools available for matching specialty finishes
  • The correct let-down tool for tri-coats
  • Proper procedures for blending tri-coats
  • Correct procedures for matching low-gloss finishes and creating a low-gloss selector
  • Working with G-shade undercoats when repairing and blending translucent colours

Aside from formal lectures, each class provides participants with Q&A sessions, casual discussions and hands-on training in the spray booth. An example of subject matter and training methodology can be seen in the PPG Mazda Paint Code 46G Machine Gray Minor Repair Process instructional video. Additional training videos can be found at www.youtube.com/user/PPGIndustriesInc/videos.

“Our tri-coats and specialty finishes class is just one example of PPG’s desire to provide our customers with the best refinish training possible,” said Randy Cremeans, PPG director of training. “These complex finishes need to be addressed properly and consistently. It’s essential that PPG technicians be familiar with the latest PPG products and techniques. To accomplish this, we conduct high-level training to make sure that PPG customers can satisfy their customers and stay far ahead of the competition.”

This highly focused course takes two days and is limited to eight people. It will be taught during Q2 at PPG Business Development Centres and various field locations in Canada and the U.S. The class is offered in French and Spanish in certain locations. Students finishing the course will receive the PPG Refinish Training Manual, technical product literature and a certificate of accomplishment.

For Tri-coat and Specialty Finishes class dates, locations and registration information and to learn about other PPG training opportunities, visit ca.ppgrefinish.com or call (800) 647-6050.