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  • A Storied History, Eyes to the Future A Storied History, Eyes to the Future Miller Industries grows and innovates to meet new challenges.
  • In the Nick of Time In the Nick of Time An Alberta tower stays calm under pressure during a high-stakes recovery.
  • Heavy Rescue 401 Heavy Rescue 401 New towing series launches January on Discovery Channel.
  • The Miilion-Mile Truck The Miilion-Mile Truck A twenty-year-old International that keeps on trucking.
  • 1,825 Days 1,825 Days The sky has not fallen, but a Tsunami is coming. What are we going to do?
  • Choose Wisely! Choose Wisely! Is joining an MSO the Holy Grail? Or is Certification the path to success? Or both?

  • Where Are We Headed? Where Are We Headed? We are in for a bumpy ride. Only you have the power to protect your rights.
  • What is a Picture Worth? What is a Picture Worth? How much value is there in a trumped-up damage claim that you cannot refute?
  • No One Willingly Visits a Collision Repair Shop No One Willingly Visits a Collision Repair Shop Your job is to make this negative experience as painless as possible.
  • From the Wheel to the Flying Car From the Wheel to the Flying Car When we think of the evolution of the car, we think of constant improvement and development, but what if a new “ice age” brings it all crashing down around us?
  • Tow Truck Drivers Help Reconnect Fort McMurray Evacuees With Their Vehicles Tow Truck Drivers Help Reconnect Fort McMurray Evacuees With Their Vehicles When Alberta was hit with their worst-ever natural disaster, towers were there to help.
  • Towing for Life Towing for Life Three months before his passing, Garry Costello hung up his tow hook at age 76.


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